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About Us

Endless Potential Strategic Planning brings together an expert collaborative in Leadership, Team and Development who specialize in facilitating organizational success through authentic connections relating to your mission, values, team, and stakeholders. 


With a strategic focus on enhancing internal and external relationships through effective communications and practical people development, Endless Potential’s team of associates provide:

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation

  • Leadership Development, Team Building and Coaching

  • Conflict Resolution Mediation

  • Lumina Learning Spark, Team, Leader, Sales and Select Solutions

  • Non-Profit Governance Support

  • Project Management

  • Business Development Advisory Service

Our Mission

Empowering individuals and organizations to discover their Endless Potential and achieve their goals through increased self-awareness.

Our Values

Respect                    Diverse & Inclusive

Collaborative           Adaptable

Innovative                Conceptual         

Reliable                    Outcome Focused

Our Vision

Workplaces where individuals appreciate the inherent value diverse personalities, and feel an authentic connection to both organizational and their own personal purpose.

See What Clients Say About Us 

"Kathryn impressed me from day one with her enthusiasm and organization. Her keen eye for spotting gaps in process and business acumen shone through.

We engaged Kathryn’s services for marketing but also got a business coach and capacity development expert!" 

~ Nathan Speedie, Enterprise Director CHN Go Global ~ 


Services available virtually Canada-wide

Why Endless Potential Strategic Planning

We transform organizational performance by transforming people. 


From CEO to new recruits, Lumina Learning provides rich personal insights and practical benefits your whole team.

Increased self-awareness.

Work better together and create eve better results.

Improve working relationships and productivity.

Handle stress effectively.

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