What Kathryn's clients say about her professional abilities. 

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Dallas Gislason, Director of Economic Development South Island Prosperity Project

"I hired Kathryn as a key leader of a three-year economic development project. I thoroughly enjoyed our time on this project and found Kathryn to be not only incredibly hard-working, but also extremely passionate about the results. She worked hard to coordinate projects that involved very diverse stakeholders. This meant exercising tons of patience and executing various tactics to ensure that the multiple projects would come in on time and on budget. I would work with Kathryn again anytime."

Lesley Patten, CEO Every Aspect Management

"I found Kathryn to be excellent with her marketing abilities, communications and thoroughness with every project or task. She has been a committed co-worker who has been supportive and dedicated to building the business. She has taken the lead on several projects and we received overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients on her work and personable nature."

Doug Potentier, Former CEO Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce

"Kathryn has always impressed me with her well-balanced outlook, her common sense and 'savoir faire'. She is capable, conscientious, tactful and patient, with a strong character and confidence in her ability to tackle difficult situations. She has never been afraid of hard work and gives any job her unstinting effort with a will to make a success of it." 

Rob Bennett, COO VIATEC
(Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council)

"I'd like to express how much a fan of Kathryn Dafos I am.  I have been truly impressed your project management, coordination and leadership capabilities.  Combined with your passion, high energy and amazing intellect, you have made a significant contribution in each one of these projects.  We would not have had the successful outcomes without your participation, and for that I will always be thankful.  You've made a tremendous positive difference in our community, and hope that you'll continue to find a way to do so!"

Harry Adams, Director Public Affairs and Operations Division, Consultations and Communications Branch, Finance Canada, Ottawa

"Thanks, Kathryn. You have things well in hand. In fact this is one of the best organized events I've seen. Given that, we don't see any need to send additional people from the Department of Finance to lend support. We will follow your recommendations regarding handling of the media and leave this in your hands."

Philip Nyren, Owner of Nyren's (Formerly British Importers)

"In addition to your exceptional communication, project management and fund raising skills, you have demonstrated an ability to bring together business, media, government, police, military  and other groups to work on a common goal that offered benefits to all involved."

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