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Become a more self-aware,
confident & consistent leader

Discover Your Endless Leadership Potential


Endless Potential's Collective of Experts offer a variety of programs
to meet the needs of every leader

Develop a pipeline of transformational leaders.

Create high performing remote teams.

Improve customer service, sales capability and fundraise more strategically.

Break down interpersonal conflict and overcome it.

Dramatically improve productivity at all levels.

Attract and retain high potential talent.

Foster an authentic culture of trust where diversity and inclusivity are valued.

Endless Potential

Why Invest in Leadership Training?

  • 75% of people voluntarily leaving jobs don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses!

  • 47% of new leaders do not receive leadership training

  • 60% of leaders fail in their roles within the first 24 months

  • Optimizing leadership practices can improve team productivity by up to 50%

  • The #1 reason people STAY at a job is because of their manager

  • Inspire your team to greatness that empowers them to bring their best version of themselves to work


Discover Your Inner Leadership  Spark  

Are you ready to take charge of your life, and shift your way of thinking?
Let's work together to explore new possibilities, try different behaviors and achieve breakthrough results.  
Book Your Complementary Intro Session

During this 30 minute session, we will discuss what you would like to focus on during coaching, your expectations and what you hope to accomplish by working with me. We’ll also chat about how the process works and how we can work together to map the journey from turning your dreams into goals, and then your goals into reality.​​​​​​

Journey of Self-Discovery: Your Inner Spark Session

The first step to achieving your dreams is finding your strengths, starting with a full Lumina Spark Portrait and a
2 hour Live Journey of Self Discovery Session where we will discuss your comprehensive portrait and explore:

  • Your strengths and how to leverage them

  • Unlocking your hidden talents

  • Improving your communication and relationships

  • What to do when you feel overstretched

  • Finding increased composure, harmony and balance


(Regular Price: $600 Investment in Self)

View Sample Lumina Spark Portrait

Endless Potential

"Kathryn has a rare generosity and I found myself taking home gems of personal and professional wisdom to apply to my life. I'm always learning something new from her and I am so grateful to have a guide like her as I dive deeper into understanding myself."

Endless Potential

Lumina Leader & Leader 360

Lumina Leader gives executives a deep understanding of their natural leadership style.  It shows them how to lead with confidence and authenticity, while learning how to morph their leadership style to meet the needs of their people and their organization.​

Lumina Leader increases a participant's awareness of their own unique leadership style.  It is focused on four balanced domains of leadership: Leading with Drive, Leading to Deliver, Leading through People and Leading with Vision.

Peer feedback with the optional Lumina Leader 360 review gives leaders the opportunity to see themselves through another person's perspective.  This allows the leader to truly observe the impact of their own leadership style.

Smart Leadership Academy

Created by Ingrid Vaughan, Leadership and HR Architect, this six-month, cohort-based program focuses on helping leaders hone their people-management skills.  Whether you’re a business owner, manager or supervisor in a leadership role, the Smart Leadership Academy is a valuable experience for your professional growth and business success.  The program is divided into 3 modules:

  1. Leading Self – Learn how to lead from a place that reflects who you are, not copying someone else’s style.

  2. Leading Teams – Learn new strategies, tools and models for effectively leading and inspiring your team.

  3. Leading Organizations – Maximize your leadership skills to directly  impact your organization’s success

The Smart Leadership Academy includes...

A Lumina Spark Psychometric Assessment.  It is a virtually instructed, group activity with peer support and applied workplace learning.  We supply the tools to provide an engaging, relaxed learning environment for your team.  Leadership growth and development is naturally enhanced by one-on-one coaching and structured accountability.

Available in BC Only

Endless Potential
Endless Potential

ILLUMINATE: Unleash Your Inner Leadership Brilliance

Created and delivered by Heather Beaton, ILLUMINATE is a 7-month online program for women truly interested in transforming their leadership presence.  Transformation requires an ever-willing desire to constantly confront our blind spots and doubts that keep us stagnant. Transformation demands that we constantly seek our inner truth with the goal of becoming our best selves.

ILLUMINATE is about shining a light within, deepening our understanding of who we are BEING as leaders, as opposed to what we DO as leaders.

See What Clients Say About Us 

"Kathryn impressed me from day one with her enthusiasm and organization. Her keen eye for spotting gaps in process and business acumen shone through.

We engaged Kathryn’s services for marketing but also got a business coach and capacity development expert!" 

~ Nathan Speedie, Enterprise Director CHN Go Global ~ 

Endless Potential

Services available virtually Canada-wide

Why Endless Potential Strategic Planning?

We transform organizational performance by transforming people. 


From CEO to new recruits, Lumina Learning provides rich, personal insights and practicality that benefits your whole team.

  • Increase self-awareness.

  • Work better together and create even better results.

  • Improve working relationships and productivity.

  • Handle stress more efficiently.

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