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Business Consultant

Facilitating sustainable improvement in performance & transforming  organizations  through practical people development 


Achieve your organizational goals with Endless Potential Strategic Planning...

  • Talent selection
  • Self-awareness personal development training
  • Team building
  • Leadership development and 360 evaluation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Lumina Learning qualification for HR professionals
Endless Potential
Endless Potential

10 Ways Endless Potential Strategic Planning supports your organizational goals

  1. Foster an authentic culture where your team is connected by its mission, values and goals.
  2. Overcome team conflict that negatively impacts workplace morale.
  3. Give your team the ability to cope better with stress and bring their best selves to work.
  4. Learn new strategies to support high-performing teams.
  5. Overcome barriers to create a truly diverse and inclusive workplace
  6. Understand the overall dynamics of your team and identify weaknesses.
  7. Attract, hire and retain the right talent.
  8. Support leadership development and unbiased evaluation processes.
  9. Gain new qualifications that contribute to both your personal and professional development.
  10. Support implementation of your strategic plan.

Conflict Resolution Services

Based on your individual circumstances, Endless Potential can make recommendations from Lumina Spark Team Building interventions to in-depth one-to-tone conflict resolution mediations.

Heather Beaton, a member of our Expert Collective specializes in supporting leaders, supervisors, managers, and HR professionals to address conflict in the workplace by…

  • Mediating employee/employer relationships

  • Mediating and coaching colleagues with damaged relationships to restore their inability to work effectively together

  • Coaching abrasive leaders/managers/supervisors who are damaging the work environment with their behaviours

  • Coaching employees suffering from the negative impacts of working with an abrasive boss

Heather Beaton is Certified in Conflict Resolution and is a Member of the Whispering Boss Institute

Endless Potential
Meeting Room

Board Orientation & Onboarding

Strategically and thoughtfully get off on the right foot and gain the confidence of your Board of Directors by:

  • Introducing new board members to the strengths that you and your team bring to the organization.

  • Ensuring they have a clear understanding of the mission, values, vision, goals and capacity of the organization.

  • Giving them the ability to confidently promote the organization and its good work with a unified voice that supports the achievement of your goals.

  • Making sure they feel appreciated for their valuable contribution of time and expertise to your organization.

Endless Potential

"I think of you often and remember your support, intelligence and caring for our organization through many difficult times."

Norma Strachan, CEO (Retired), ASPECT

Allow Us to Coordinate & Facilitate
Your Next Board or Team Retreat

With more than 20 years of experience in non-profit governance, team building and event management, Endless Potential is positioned to make your next Board/Team retreat a success. Whether you need something simple or want something more elaborate to reward your Sales team, we’re there to help.

  • Sourcing the right venue locally, nationally or even internationally.

  • Making arrangements for travel accommodations, food, beverage, room set-up, audio-visual and virtual participation, ensuring that we meet the specific and unique needs of your participants.

  • Providing facilitation services for onboarding, team building and strategic planning.


Successfully identifying and selecting strong candidates is a crucial part of growing your business. Lumina Select is the newest generation in recruitment tools that enables you to match the right people to the right jobs.

Every organization has its own identity that shapes the requirements of its selection process. Lumina Select empowers your organization to find the right people, ask the right questions, uncover hidden potential and avoid costly recruitment errors.

Lumina Select is designed to increase awareness for recruiting team candidates, creating a better sense of qualities needed for a particular role that is aligned to your organization's culture.

  • Clear, easy to understand, one-page summary report

  • Measure 16 job competencies

  • Reveal candidate's strengths and weaknesses

  • Get indications of candidates likely behaviors under stress


Endless Potential
Endless Potential
Endless Potential
Endless Potential
Endless Potential
Endless Potential
Endless Potential

See what clients say about 
Lumina Learning  Solutions

Lumina Learning Solution Qualifications

Lumina Learning is global provider of innovative, personalized selection and development solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Endless Potential's team of experts is here to provide direct service delivery or to support your ability to administer your own Lumina Learning Solutions.

Add new Personal & Professional Development Certifications to your Human Resource Skillset. Complete Lumina Learning virtual qualification programs, and become a Certified Practitioner.

Lumina qualifications are highly interactive. They give you the knowledge and the skills you need to be successful from day one.

Upon completion of your qualification training, you will have the knowledge, experience, and support needed to deliver inspirational interventions.


Once qualified as a Lumina Practitioner, you join a community of practice supported by Lumina Learning and Endless Potential Strategic Planning.


See What Clients Say About Us 

"Kathryn impressed me from day one with her enthusiasm and organization. Her keen eye for spotting gaps in process and business acumen shone through.

We engaged Kathryn’s services for marketing but also got a business coach and capacity development expert!" 

~ Nathan Speedie, Enterprise Director CHN Go Global ~ 

Endless Potential

Services available virtually Canada-wide

Customized Consultation Services

Endless Potential Strategic Planning's collective of experts support your Human Resources goals with solutions for...

  • Project Management 

  • Communications & Public Relations

  • Benevolent Giving & Non-Profit Fundraising Support

  • Meeting and Retreat Planning

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