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Sustainable improvement in team performance & profitability through practical people development 

Build Rapport | Value Diversity | Improve Collaboration | Increase Emotional Intelligence


Endless Potential Strategic Planning Customizes Programs for Your Specific Needs

Develop a pipeline of transformational leaders.

Create high performing remote teams.

Improve customer service, sales capability and fundraise more strategically.

Break down interpersonal conflict and overcome it.

Dramatically improve productivity at all levels.

Attract and retain high potential talent.

Foster an authentic culture of trust where diversity and inclusivity are valued.

Endless Potential
Lumina Learning is the latest innovative, interpersonal & professional development!​

Lumina Spark, is a scientifically validated, psychometric assessment that is foundational to our work. Our process starts with a  a comprehensive and individualized Lumina Spark Portrait, followed by a 2-hour Discover Your Inner Spark Session for each member of your team. During this session they gain deeper internal and external self-awareness and emotional intelligence.


Afterward, Team members can share and compare personality traits with their colleagues with our easy to use Lumina Splash App.

Through this personal development experience Teams...


  • Gain Self-Knowledge:  By understanding their strengths, how they fit within the team and how their persona can shift depending on their emotional state.

  • Build Rapport:  Improve communication and team harmony through increased understanding of both their own and their colleague's communication preferences.

  • Recognize Value Diversity:  Celebrating the unique personality traits of colleagues and recognizing how each of them complement the team, and each other’s strengths.

  • Co-Create Results:  Achieve measurable goals by more effectively aligning team strengths to job roles and processes.

Endless Potential

Benefits of Lumina Spark for Your Team

Lumina Spark inspires people to develop skills most needed in the workplace - adaptability, agility, a growth mind-set, partnering, authenticity and the ability to lead themselves and others.
Lumina Spark provides a personalized portrait of your whole personality. The model is simple to understand, yet contains great depth by directly measuring 72 personality qualities in 3 different personas - Underlying, Everyday, Overextended.
  • Build employee confidence and connection to their organizational purpose by articulating the unique strengths they bring to their role.
  • Kindly and without judgment, reveal personality blind spots that get in the way of building rapport and realizing greater professional success.
  • Empower your team to recognize their individual and collective stress triggers, how their response affects others, and how to keep composure.
  • Learn how to speed-read personality traits for colleagues, customers and stakeholders.  
Endless Potential
Endless Potential
Endless Potential
Endless Potential
Endless Potential

See the dynamics of your team collectively

The key to creating a high performing team lies in really understanding each other's personality, motivation and preferred communication style. Understanding deeper values and preferences fosters the respect necessary for people to work effectively together. 

Learn how to communicate more effectively within the team.  Quickly see how the team changes under pressure and immediately apply those observations.
Endless Potential customizes our Lumina Team initiatives based on your specific needs. A typical agenda covers: 
  • Understanding your "at work" persona. 
  • Recognizing how stress can trigger others, and how to keep composure.
  • Building awareness of others qualities and learning how to speed-read personalities.

  • Valuing diversity and communicating effectively with various personality types.

  • Overcoming differences and transforming relationships.

Your end result is an engaged, high-performing team who works collaboratively toward achieving your mission.

Endless Potential

Take a deep dive into the psychology of Sales!  Give Sales and Fundraising teams the personality insights they need to build rapport and communicate more effectively with diverse clients and stakeholders.

Lumina Sales scientifically enables you to develop your revenue growth.  Lumina Sales helps Sales and Customer Care professionals continuously evaluate and improve their performance.  It shows them how to adjust their approach to stay in a respectful alignment with the client and their priorities.
  • Develop a self-awareness about how personality influences sales outcomes.
  • Understand how effective personality qualities support the sales process and how overextensions can sabotage the sales approach.
  • Learn how to stay in alignment with a client's needs and remove ego from the sales process.
Endless Potential
Endless Potential

Personality in the
Palm of your Hand
with the
Lumina Splash App

Endless Potential
Endless Potential

Delivering sustained, scalable, relevant virtual learning solutions with the Lumina Splash App and Lumina Coach

Forget the limitations of traditional learning and development.  No more paper reports collecting dust
or missed earning opportunities from those crucial development moments when your facilitator isn’t around.
One of the biggest challenges facing organizations is delivering a relevant learning experience that lasts a lifetime.  Endless Potential and Lumina Learning ensure your team development investment creates sustainable, scalable impacts that reach far beyond the initial intervention.
Any time. Anywhere. Our solutions give your team continuous access to their own personality and empowers them to share and compare working styles with their team mates.  With our app, it's only a quick swipe on their phone.
Endless Potential

"I think of you often and remember your support, intelligence and caring for our organization through many difficult times. I am delighted to see that you are pursuing a career that can fully utilize your extensive talents and where many others will benefit from knowing you."

See What Clients Say About Us 

"Kathryn impressed me from day one with her enthusiasm and organization. Her keen eye for spotting gaps in process and business acumen shone through.

We engaged Kathryn’s services for marketing but also got a business coach and capacity development expert!" 

~ Nathan Speedie, Enterprise Director CHN Go Global ~ 

Endless Potential

Services available virtually Canada-wide

Why Endless Potential Strategic Planning?

We transform organizational performance by transforming people. 


From CEO to new recruits, Lumina Learning provides rich, personal insights and practicality that benefits your whole team.

  • Increase self-awareness.

  • Work better together and create even better results.

  • Improve working relationships and productivity.

  • Handle stress more efficiently.

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