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Strategic Planning that connects your team to
its mission, values & goals


Endless Potential Strategic Planning provides...

  • New Leader and Board of Directors onboarding support
  • Annual strategic planning facilitation
  • Start-up business planning and advisory services
  • Communication, public relations support
  • Sales and fundraising strategy
  • Event, conference and retreat planning services
  • Project management support
Endless Potential
Endless Potential

10 Reasons why a Strategic Plan is essential to your organization's success

  1. Articulate your organizational mission, values, vision and goals

  2. Connect and guide your team to their purpose, and set them on a unified path

  3. Develop a clear understanding of your organizational strengths and weaknesses

  4. Identify opportunities, potential pitfalls and be better prepared to adapt to change

  5. Ensure that you're fulfilling the needs of your clients

  6. Articulate consistent key messages that resonate with your target market

  7. Determine how you will communicate to your internal and external audiences

  8. Develop cohesive strategies and tactics toward achieving your objectives

  9. Set direction, priorities and simplify decision-making

  10. Long-term continuity, scalability and sustainability

Using a practical approach, Endless Potential Strategic Planning 
guides you through...

  • Articulating your vision of success
  • Defining your goals and objectives
  • Identifying your strengths, potential challenges and blind spots
  • Working to develop specific strategies
  • Breaking down processes into a realistic action plan
  • Developing a measurable timeline and milestones that
    demonstrate your progress
  • Setting up processes to evaluate what is working for you and what needs improvement
Endless Potential
Endless Potential

The Endless Potential Strategic Planning Process

Initial Meeting:  We meet with you to understand your business, objectives and expectations. We agree on a project timeline and confirm your leadership team’s commitment.

Assessment Phase:  We conduct individual interviews with your leadership team to gather input. We share feedback with you, flag any alignment issues and present our assessment of your current state to you and your team.  We schedule the strategic planning workshop and designate tasks that needs to be completed in advance.

Group Facilitation:  We facilitate a one-day strategic planning workshop with your team, where we work together to confirm your mission, values and vision. We work with you to identify opportunities including an action plan to make the changes happen.

Report & Follow-up:  We provide a final report that summarizes your current situation, your strategies and the action need to achieve your goals.  We follow up with you to see how your plan is progressing and we offer advice.

See What Clients Say About Us 

"Kathryn impressed me from day one with her enthusiasm and organization. Her keen eye for spotting gaps in process and business acumen shone through.

We engaged Kathryn’s services for marketing but also got a business coach and capacity development expert!" 

~ Nathan Speedie, Enterprise Director CHN Go Global ~ 


Services available virtually Canada-wide

Why Endless Potential Strategic Planning?

We transform organizational performance by transforming people. 


From CEO to new recruits, Lumina Learning provides rich, personal insights and practicality that benefits your whole team.

  • Increase self-awareness.

  • Work better together and create even better results.

  • Improve working relationships and productivity.

  • Handle stress more efficiently.

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